fuck yeah stiles &lydia
fuck yeah stiles &lydia


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why ick ??
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i’m just not into it.

you do you, bae

…oh, coach.

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what will your reaction be if we get marrish?
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a kind of  e m o t i o n a l  t e t h e r 

a mix for the two sides of the same coin. for the banshee and the human. for lydia and stiles.  [listen]


Before I fell

in love with words,

with setting skies

and singing birds -

it was you I fell

i n   l o v e   w i t h   f i r s t .

" .. stalia is abusive -"

”.. stalia scenes are just recycled stydia scenes ..”

" .. i wish malia would just die .."

warning: literally nothing below but wank so youve been warned

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i have lost all hope for stydia :((
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But why? Literally nothing has changed since the beginning of this season. Stalia is being fast tracked, they’ve had their first fight, already made up, blah blah. Regardless of Stydia happening or not there is no way that Stalia should last considering Malia has lightyears more of development to do (outside of Stiles) and this is Stiles’ first relationship. Like, thats no.

Second, I know everyone is disappointed over this 11th episode ‘tradition’ but there was never any tradition to begin with. Its a silly coincidence and fandom blew it up into something massive (as fandom does) and now people are disappointed.

Third, Parrish. Could it happen? Yeah. And? It wouldn’t be Lydia’s first relationship, or last. 

Malia, Parrish and anything else doesnt mean that Stydia doesnt have a chance. Everyone is so anxious as if season 4 is break it or make it time. Its not. There are a confirmed 20 episodes ahead of us … maybe even more. The story doesn’t stop. 

Have some patience and have hope but curb your expectations (this should be the shows tagline, tbh).


#can we just talk about this scene again though #how stiles was just going to sit there and let brunski shove that needle in his neck #but then he turns around and sees he’s going after lydia #and suddenly everythings changed #and he screams for her and breaks free

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do you get a lot of mean anons?
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as the great prophet beyonce once said

you can say what u want, im the shit