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fuck yeah stiles &lydia


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5:49pm, 30/8/14
I love when you call people out because sometimes its funny, but im not trying to be rude here...but you seem stubborn xD like sometimes it doesn't seem your open to opinions and you just shut them down? Idk but im kind of scared of you lol
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I probably do come across mean sometimes, it just depends on my mood tbh like anyone. I have zero patience for ship drama and people putting others down for their shopping preferences. If I don’t agree with someone I voice it, I’m pretty blunt and a lot of people tend to take that as rudeness but honestly I don’t mean it in a way to put anyone down. But don’t feel that you can’t talk to me!

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people are calling the blogger of the anti-stydia blog is trash, and keeps saying that their opinions wrong and stupid it's so funny, the blog is a complete joke, you should look at it! xD
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aint nobody got time for that

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She explained it in the episode? Red wine is harder to get out of a white carpet.. Maybe they only had the carpet cleaned once? Then it was gone.
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The idea is what .. that whatever they were drinking ISNT wine … meaning that grandma poured out the wine and poured in another substance that is easier to clean out of the carpet.

But why would gma pour out multiple bottles of wine and substitute it with something else when all she had to do was pour out one bottle, hide the key in there and cork it back up.

Sloppy idea that was explained even sloppily.

There’s no need to worry when you see just where we’re at.
Just please don’t say you love me..
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So I just noticed this. Lydia has been to the lake house a couple times after the party and she didn't notice there was no "wine" stain and I feel like she would definitely notice something like that ? Was it intended or writer mistake ?
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The wine thing makes zero sense.

How can the stain (whatever substance it is) being there or not at all mean hey go check the bottle because there could be a key in there ??? 


Stydia AU: 

After a terrible accident, Lydia ends up in the hospital, unconscious, and in critical condition. Stiles visits her and talks to her about his feelings. Thanks to Lydia’s supernatural abilities, she’s able to feel like she’s standing right next to him and can hear everything that he’s saying.

just focus on my v o i c e.

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For me I am all about the badass women characters which is why im not a fan of stalia, scira I don't mind draeden because at least she's still independent and can defend herself. yeah the fandom might take shipping to far, but that's totally the writers fault! Why ON GOD'S EARTH does every potential badass women have to be linked as a romantic interest especially to the main three guys on the show! And if you're not romantically linked to one of them you're all alone in your lake house everyday!
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Personally, badass doesn’t necessarily have to mean being able to physically assault someone or defend yourself. Physically, Lydia probably couldn’t take half the characters on that show, but considering the mental anguish she survived and the loyalty she showed … she’s pretty bad ass. Strength and badassness comes in many forms.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with female characters being love interests and that should never be seen as something that weakens a character. No one has ever commented on Scott, Stiles, Jackson, or any of the handful of male characters as being hindered in their development because they had a love interest. Never. In fact, Scotts romantic relationship with Allison was seen as something even more beneficial in Scott’s early days as a werewolf.

A woman having a romantic relationship with someone isnt the problem here. The writers not putting effort in developing these female characters past that token purpose is the problem. Bringing women into the show for no other purpose but to serve as love interests which then further develop the male character is the problem. Bringing women into the show to kill them off and to further the manpain is the problem.  

Malia Tate was not brought in as a love interest. She had a storyline independent of Stiles and Scott and the pack. Its just that the fans tend to backseat that because they’re more worried about the fact that she’s with Stiles. Malia has a lot of development ahead of her and a lot of story left. Kira is epitome of what you described … she’s independent and she can kick ass. The problem is that Kira’s development in season 4 has taken a backseat to the various story lines that Jeff Davis & co. feel are more important … Parrish the magical whatever-whocares, Peter doing the same shit since season 1 and so on. 

At the end of the day, as you say, it all falls on the writers, but we as fans also need to try and be more self aware and realize that we’re boxing these characters up without really getting to know them.