fuck yeah stiles &lydia
fuck yeah stiles &lydia


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smooth stilinski pickup lines: part 48/?

Just try and think of something else. Anything else.


another meme i won’t finish: [1/10] otps » stydia

just focus on my v o i c e.

angelydiamartin replied to your post: anonymous said:why don’t you read…

uk u can sort and filter on ao3, right? so that u only see a certain relationship or character?

yeah but even that doesnt help BECAUSE YOU CANT ESCAPE IT 

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confusing and uncool i would say. hohohohohoho

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I love how androgynous your persona is on here. It's awesome.
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Really!? Am I mysterious and cool yet?

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why don't you read fanfiction?
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I do, I’ve read quite a few tw fics and its more me than the material but when I have to sift through stuff ie sterek fiction I lose patience and give up. Womp.

you know, like two people who nobody ever thought to be together ever.

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I think how it's strange how you say you love cora when all she did is bitch and nothing else and then say yo don't care about parrish when all he does is help and be adorable.
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I think its strange how thirsty this fandom is.

I think its strange how in the limited screen time cora had, she obviously gave a bigger fuck about boyd than the majority of this fandom.

I also think its strange how parrish continues to be infantalized by this fandom with words like adorable, which further displaces the fact that he’s a 24 year old man.

I also think its strange that the only thing you have to say about cora is that she bitched and did nothing else when she actually put her life on the line for Derek and Boyd. But what is it that they say these days … thats none of my business?